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Village of Oak Brook -- By the Numbers -- Financial Analysis ToolVillage of Oak Brook -- By the Numbers -- Financial Analysis Tool 

While the Village of Oak Brook has shown its commitment to financial transparency by posting financial documents on our Village website, including the Village’s annual operating budgets and audited financial statements, sometimes additional information may be sought out by our residents. Oftentimes that information is most easily understood through interactive charts and graphs. In an effort to enhance transparency in financial reporting, the Village of Oak Brook is offering an interactive reporting tool that allows Village residents to explore the Village budget and actual financial data online in various graphical formats. The Village hopes that by providing this additional service the connection between the Village and our residents will be strengthened.

The data used to generate these reports is drawn from the Village financial software system which was implemented in 2008.

To access the Village of Oak Brook interactive portal, please visit the Open Gov Website.

Screen 1

On the upper left column of the screen, you will find various reports that have been created to display information. These include:

  • Annual – Annual revenue and expenditure information.
  • Current Year – Current and historical information broken out by month. (Updated monthly)
  • Treasurer’s Report – Current and historical cash and investment information. (Updated monthly)
  • Checkbook – A historical listing of all vendors paid since 2008. (Updated monthly)
  • Projected Public Safety Pension Contributions – A projection of future pension contributions derived from the annual actuarial valuation.
  • Sales Tax by Category – Annual sales tax collections broken out by category of sale.
  • Non-Home Rule Sales Tax by Category – Annual non-home rule sales tax collections broken out by category of sale.
  • Historical FTE Counts – Current and historical annual employee headcounts.
  • Balance Sheet – Annual asset, liability, and fund balance/net position information.

Below the reports, there is an option to select prepopulated views for each report.

Screen 2

Each report and view has an option to further filter information. Data can be filtered to show only revenues or expenses, certain funds or departments, or any fiscal year dating back to 2008.

Screen 3

Additionally, a summary table is displayed below each graph to display the data. Each category can be expanded to display further detail.