The Felony Investigative Assistance Team (FIAT) is a multi-jurisdictional police task force comprising of 14 law enforcement agencies in Cook, DuPage and Will Counties. The taskforce protects approximately 300,000 residents in those jurisdictions. The mission of the FIAT, SWAT and K-9 Teams is to respond to high risk critical incidents requiring specialized training and equipment and to resolve those incidents while minimizing the potential for injury or loss of life to civilians, officers, or suspects. High-Risk situations include, but are not limited to: Hostage rescue, anti-sniper activity, and barricaded suspect. FIAT consists of five components, namely, SWAT, K-9, Major Case, Planned Events and Major Crash.

Deputy Chief Jason Cates has been a member of FIAT since 2000 and in 2012 was appointed the Coordinator for the Felony Investigation Assistance Team. Deputy Chief Cates' duties as the Coordinator of FIAT consist of supervising the six individual components of FIAT.

K-9 Officer Andrew Franczak along with K-9 Becks are members of the Canine Response Unit (CRU). The mission of the CRU is to provide a coordinated canine response to critical incidents helping to minimize the potential for injury or loss of life to civilians, officers or suspects. The CRU consists of nine K-9 teams and are ready to respond 24 hours a day to high-risk critical incidents.

Detective Reid Foltyniewicz is assigned as an Operator of the SWAT Task Force Team and Officer Robin Froehlich is assigned as a Crisis Negotiator of the SWAT Team. SWAT responds to high-risk critical incidents requiring specialized training and equipment. SWAT officers train a minimum of two times each month and an additional one week each year. Training requires a minimum of 216 hours and attendance at the Illinois Tactical Officer's Association (ITOA) Conference.

Detective Mark Kozlowski is on the Major Case Unit's Computer Forensics Team. The Major Case Unit (MCU) exists to assist member agencies with the investigation of major felony investigations. The team is dedicated to rapid response and professional investigative techniques. The goals of the MCU are to collect evidence, identify suspects, file appropriate criminal charges, arrest and successfully prosecute suspects in a Court of law.

Detective Bob Christopherson is assigned to the Major Crimes Unit. This unit is comprised of police detectives who assist member agencies with the investigation of major felony investigations including homicide, burglary and armed robbery.